Hi! My name is Nancy and my website will show you some ways how to make income today online!

I started this website makeincometoday.com because I wanted to make more income and I did!! Now, I want to show you some ways to make more income online if you want to make income today!!!

You don't need to be an expert in computer to make income online. As long you know how to click a mouse or send an email or reply an email, you can make money on the internet! It is that easy!

When I started this, after choosing my domain name and get my website running, one morning I saw $45.75 in sales! Yes, I was super excited! This is call passive income where income come to me whether I go to work or not. My website will do all the work for me while I am sleeping, watching a movie, doing grocery, on vacation, or while I am attending a dinner! It works 24/7 a day! I don’t have to rent a place nor hire a staff. I can do this at the comfort of my room and all I need is my computer. You can operate anywhere you like as long you can access a computer with internet service.

First, I started by purchasing a domain name and then I realized a domain name can make incomes in many different ways.

The simplest way is cash in on your domain name with pay-per-click ads and search engine-friendly articles. Click the below Park Your Domain banner for more details.

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Another way is to buy a domain name and then sell it at a higher price.  Do you know that domain names are like internet real estate? People will remember the domain name if they want to find the service or the product out there. Do you know that Marc Ostrofsky, who sold the domain name Business.com for 345 Million ? Join Go Daddy Auctions now ! Godaddy customer service is 24/7 and they can answer all your questions.

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If you don't want to sell your domain name, you can also start a personal or business website or blog of any subject or catagory you are passion about. In this case, you will need a hosting service. You can start with 5 pages to unlimited pages for a great price deal! The easiest way to build your website click here.

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There are many ideas that you can make income online when you have a domain name and a hosting service.

You can start a blog, a personal site, or a business site of anything category you are passion about.

A blog is a website, where you write stuff of anything on an ongoing basis. New stuff shows up at the top, so your visitors can read what's new. Then your visitors may comment on it or link to it or email you. A blog is not passive, but it is a great platform to introduce passive income opportunities.

personal website, where you write about your interest, things you want to tell people about an experience you had, pictures of places you had visited or things you like to show or let other peoples to know about it.

business website, where you put in together all the information of your business services, products, and pictures together so visitors can find your business online.

If you would like more informations on ways to make passive income using your blog, your personal website or your business website and be the first to know the exclusive offer, please sign up my income tips newsletter below.

Tip: When choosing a domain name it's important that you pick something related to your site's content. This could impact on the amount of users you get to your site.

How do you make income from a website?

When you have a website, you can place a product or many products on your site and when your visitors buy it, then you make a sale from it. What can you sell? You can sell items from baby clothes, fashion apparel to consumer electronics of all different brands.

You can start an Ebay online store ! All you have to do is register, select the online store feature you want to start and start placing products to sell! Register your Ebay online store today and start see your revenue.

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